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Object of the game: Use your HFHS paycheck to redirect the Interface resources back to HFHS (and the randomly appearing/disappearing Epic & Cloverleaf Project targets) as they “head” towards Beaumont. If too many...

Frank, the Zombie Hunting Accountant

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This is a game I built for my Accounting professor as a fun way to learn a basic accounting concept. The images used in this game do not belong to me and should not be used for commercial purposes. I did not build thi...

Makeover Studio – Eskimo Girl

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Turn this lovely eskimo girl into a modern fashion diva with our latest makeover studio. Start the game with creating a beautiful new outfit. There are a lot of choices for the various clothing items and you can also ...

Heli Flight

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A game where you must pilot a helicopter though a cave for as long as you can Hold Space to rise and release to fall.

4 Two Dots

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Connect as many of the same colored dots as possible by linking two or more dots together. Can you achieve the target of each new level in 4 Two Dots?


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Komru este un indie game creat de Khaled Matar.Jocul este un runner,ceea ce inseamna ca Komru sare peste niste obstacole,gropi.Aceasta este versiunea alpha,nu este versiunea oficiala a jocului.Pentru mai multe detalii...

Big Evil Robots

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It's a 21st-century David and Goliath—are you bad enough to beat the bots?


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Platformer.nGoogle Play: A - Left, Right - D, UP - Jump, Mouse Left - Other.

Nine Ball Flash Billiard

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Nine Ball - Billiard flash game. The game is played on a pocket billiards table with six pockets and with ten balls. The cue ball, (white) is struck to hit the lowest numbered ball on the table (often referred to as t...


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This is my first game and i am only ten years old. still a work in progress still but playable. if you are stuck, press S + A + M + H at the same time. there is Violence but in Explosion form.nAverage play time: 11:30...


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nope,not here not ever Tu doar da click acolo

Hungry Frog

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A very hungry frog is getting ready for FLY SEASON! This means all he can eat buffet. See how man flies you can catch! [Left Click] on screen to catch flies!

Platformer WIP

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Using the platformer template I made some modifications and some additions.nnKill enemies instantly by jumping on their heads or by hurting them first through throwing knives (Only weapons atm)nThere is also no victor...

O Mágico

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Um jogo de plataforma, para teste. No caso, você é um mágico que possui o poder de congelar alguns monstros, para conseguir assim chegar ao final da fase. (OBS: as piranhas ao serem atingidas pelo gelo, não estão com ...

Snowfall Xmas Escape

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Snowfall Xmas Escape is another poin t and click escape game. This place is a snowy mountain you stucked outside in snowfall. Find the hidden objects related to xmas like glass balls,santa shoes and also collect few o...

Math Drop

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Click the pool balls to make sums of 13. Clear more of the board and make bigger combos for a better score Click to select and deselect balls, score my making sums of 13 with the balls available

Pixel Retro Ship

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Fun and fast-paced arcade game, shoot and avoid obstacles, collect points to beat your hi-score!Space Ship is a beautiful retro-looking game with classic fast paced hardcore arcade roots, always refreshing and challen...


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Guide your soccer ball, deviating from obstacles, until you reach the bottom of the screen. Use left / right keyboard keys to guide the ball.


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a game where your cursor is the Player and have to dodge the red squares as long as you can. [Mouse Location] Movement

Simple Platformer car game

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a Game where you have to get the car to the end without bumping the cargo. WARNING: sorta Frustrating [Arrow Keys] Movementn[Up] Jump

Pencil Vs Computers

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You are a pencil and you shoot computers. Try not to die! Arrows to move.nMouse to shoot.nMove mouse to look at all directions.

Bubble Shooter 6

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Bubble Shooter 6 is an action-based puzzler that puts players to the task of tossingcolored bubble up to a stack of other colored bubble. You need to clean the bubble off thefield. Just point the mouse to where you wa...

Mouse Accuracy Test

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How well do you use your mouse? Can you click on things even without seeing? Well, test you abilities and see how accurate you are with this simple game. Just try to click on the orange ball.

Fruit Defense 7

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Defend your land from the crazy jumping pest invasions! They will come from various ways and you have so many thing since the beginning, use more than 60 cool items, fruit troops, farming tools, minions, weather contr...

Doodle History

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Can you make sense out of chaos? Align the lines and stripes to spell Doodle History. Your keen eye for architecture and perfect alignment will allow you to explore ancient, medieval and modern ways of viewing artsy c...

10 Finger Duel

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A 2 Player game 10 finger


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Ilisiy is just a Ilisiy. Be Ilisiy. Just be Ilisiy

Crazy Christmas Escape

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Crazy Christmas Escape is the 49th point and click adventure game from crazy escape games. In this game, you have to help find a secret snowman to assist you to escape from that forest. Go around the forest and solve ...

Buzzing Fly

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Buzzing Fly:nCollect bananas as many as you can to complete each level. The higher the level the lesser the space to fly around. Tap the screen or click the mouse to fly and try to prevent the spiders and falling to ...

Winter Fairies

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The fairies need to pack up and get to the North Pole. Help them get ready for the trip!

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