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–Broken, please use the other version–

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Restore the world to it's normal state! A short simple game. It's my first one. Use [<] and [>] to move, and [^] to jump. Get to the star to restore the level and proceed to the next.

Let’s go fishing

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Grab your fishing rod and catch a big fish!It's summer time and there's nothing better than going on a fishing trip. Let's go fishing!

Save The Burning Rocker

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There is a fire in the nightclub. Your mission is to save everybody. Don't let anybody behind.rnExtinguish the fire with water by aiming with your mouse and shooting(L click). rnDraw reflecting walls to aim betterrnrn...

ED Simulator 2014

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This game is a joke dont take it seriusly.n(this game was made becuse my friend (Ed) was raging and i wanted to suprise him) Move the arm to interact with stuff.

Captain Rogers Incident at Rooku

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Captain Rogers lost control over his plane while flying through the deadly sector near Rooku.Will you help him survive? Play Captain Rogers Incident at Rooku!

World of Illusion

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Restore the world to it's normal state! A short simple game. It's my first one. [Up Arrow] to jump, [Left Arrow] and [Right Arrow] to move.

Pie Attack

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Oh no! Super bad cake villains invaded the city! The police is helpless - only the special Pie Attack force can stop the bad guys! Also, there are some old ladies in the hideout (no idea what kind of bad things the b...

Battle Red Vs Blue

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Click to Destroy Ball Red Click to Destroy Ball Red

Sir Bottomtight

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Deep in the deepest jungle lies an ancient city of gold. Brave sir Bottomtight wishes to claim all this wonderful treasure! Run through the jungle, jump over bottomless pits and fight with mad, evil cannibals.

Prepare to Fly!

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Avoid the pillars and stay ahead of the spikes! Use [Space] / [Left Click] to jump!

Sally BBQ Joint

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Cutting down trees in Canada is a very hard work. That?s why Canadian lumberjacks like to eat huge steaks every now and than. Our heroine Sally has just opened a brand new BBQ Joint that specialise in lumberjacks favo...

Another Life 2

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This 2 loved characters are back. Lost in a fantasy world and its time to solve new and funny puzzles again and to help return to home.

Man VS Ghost

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A fun game that i made with guidence using Construct 2 [Arrow Keys] to move,n[Left Click] to shoot,n[Mouse] to angle.

Skater Dude

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Grab your board and slide downhill Tap left or right side of the screen to avoid obstacles and mad security officers! Your skateboard go faster and faster, so the more you play the harder it gets! Play Skater Dude.

Kancil Run

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long time ago born a little dear who really like adventure and cucumbers. Now He can't go home, one thing he can do just run and enjoy his journey. Give a little deer to feel a chellenge of his journey this game hav...

Snack Time

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Little Waldy the wild boar needs to make preprations for coming winter. Move the acorns to the designated areas and pass 12 levels in this stunning sokoban game. It's Snack TIme!

Dungeon Surge

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Dungeon Surge is a semi-idle RPG/ Running game where the player fights hordes of enemies one after another while upgrading their stats, finding treasure and healing.rnrnMouse/ touch controlled. Full tutorial in-game.r...


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This is a Mobile app and this is a Test. With touch

Farm Pets

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Farm Pets is a fun and addictive match 3 game. Swipe pets and clear each level, with multiple features and bonus items. Collect extra rewards and use them in different levels. Clear bonus levels to get even more rewar...

Nyan Adventure

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Use Nyan Cat to get to the end of the level... or die trying. [Arrow Keys] to move and jump.

Fruit Pop

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In Fruit Pop you have to tap and draw a line to collect fruits. The more fruits you clear the better score and bonus features you will receive. Some levels require you to clear special blocks. You only have a certain ...

Pou Real Haircuts

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Pou is searching for a whole new look that’s totally wild. Join him down at the barbershop and help him pick out a new hairstyle. Should he get a mohawk or put all sorts of crazy colors in his hair? You can decide for...

Come Diamantes

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Es un juego muy facil que trata de obtener todos los cristales puestos en el mapa, es un prototipo aún. aksjfsdkvsdbvlkxvnxlfkvjcklvdxcnvlkdcvnjdfklvndkljvdnk

Little Bouncing Guys

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The tribe of little, rubber guys got lost. Only one bouncing fellow left - help him get past 30 levels and reunion with his fellows.. You?ll need to bounce really hard to get past all the levels - using both skill and...

Boat Drive

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Play as a pilot of the power boat and compete with other racers in the 3D racing game Boat Drive. Control a speed boat through narrow river turns, win all the opponents and earn cash for spending in the ship workshop ...

Space Duel

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A quick game I made learning how to use Construct 2. You are the green ship and you try to kill the red ship. [Up Arrow] to thrust [Down Arrow] to slow down [Left Arrow] to turn left [Right Arrow] to turn right. Hold ...

Blow Fish

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Use your pearls to clear each level by destroying all sea creatures. If you receive 2 or 3 stars next level will unlock. Tap and hold finger to aim, release to shoot pearl. Buy special features in the shop during game...


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Juego en etapa pre-alfa, cualquier critica será muy bienvenida. click derecho: disparar. nteclas: w, a , d (arriba, izquierda y derecha) nflechas: arriba, izquierda y derecha.

Flash Fish Freddie

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Help Freddie swim as far as possible but watch out for the dangers of the deep! Use your flash to zap enemy fish and stay safe. Try Flash Fish Freddie!

First Try

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Platform game with 2 monsters and 1 boss.. its a little game but nice. You should try... =DnnMade by André and Gian [Up Arrow] Jumpn[Right Arrow] Go to the rightn[Left Arrow] Go to the leftn[Space] Shoot

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