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Trump Donurts

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Trump Donurts - Another one Trump free online game. This one is fun Dart flash game. The aim of the game is to hit all donuts but avoid hitting Trump. Left mouse click to throw darts at the DONUTS. Try to Hit closer t...

Winter Basketball Free Throws

167 Played0 Comments

Winter Basketball Free Throws - Fun basketball free throws game. Move your mouse around the playground and ball will follow. Click on the ball and drag down for power, left or right for the angle. Release to throw the...

Xmas Ball Shooter

220 Played0 Comments

Xmas Ball Shooter is a Christmas themed bubble shooter game with 2 modes.rnThe usual mode is presented with a good challenge where the board of bubbles comes down to danger line. You need to remove the bubbles so tha...

Red Alert Zombie Apocalypse

204 Played0 Comments

Zombies have taken over the city and you are the last survivor in the town. Complete challenge puzzles, find the key, and escape your way without getting eaten! Good Luck and Have Fun!

Bubble Shooter Dino

147 Played0 Comments

'Bubble Shooter Dino' is a level based bubble shooter game. It includes best feature of a Bubble shooter game: Fun, Challenge and ease of play. In this game one need to shoot the Dino face towards the group of similar...

Sky Fight

183 Played0 Comments

Help the young witch to fight against the other witches.

Zombie Hunter

197 Played0 Comments

Tokyo is in danger, the city was attacked by hordes of hungry zombies. Only Zombie Hunter and you will be able to liberate the city from invasion. Enjoy 25 levels and save the city from chaos. Hurry, before it's too l...


146 Played0 Comments

A simple shooter Use the mousebuttons to shoot and to reload

Bullet Heaven 2

163 Played0 Comments

Dodge thousands of bullets and blast hundreds of foes, in this exciting bullet hell adventure! Game can be played with a mouse, a keyboard, or a controller. Controls are changed in the Player Select menu.

Fruit Shooter

152 Played0 Comments

Fruit Shooter - Fun shooting flash game. Shoot as many fruits as possible to become a master of FRUIT shooting. You must shoot a given amount of fruits in each level to enter a new one. 5 levels of fun! Shoot now!

Shooters Way: Crazy Square (Boss)

167 Played0 Comments

Beat the Red Boss. Winner gets their name on the Scoreboard A/Left Arrow = Move Left nS/Down Arrow = Move Down nD/Right Arrow = Move Right nW/Up Arrow = Move Up nLeft Click = Shoot nShift = Slow Down Time

Prison fix

164 Played0 Comments

This is a game for a project.nDo NOT play.nPlaceholder Click to place units.nOnly 1 type of unit to be placed.

Shoot on Space

219 Played0 Comments

Protect the earth and destroy the aliens Left Arrow and Right Arrow to move and Spacebar to shoot

The Monster and The player

128 Played0 Comments

The player must kill all monsters in the way until the 3rd level and win the game First level only spacenthe 2nd level P and F and Spacente 3rd level P, F and space


178 Played0 Comments

A base model for my top-down rpg style game, currently a shooter, but I have plans to implement melee combat soon. I attempted to make the tree "3D", so check it out! I am currently attempting to create object:bullet ...

The Undertaker

147 Played0 Comments

Survive the attacks of the atomic Zarglons. The Undertaker was the only person to survive an atomic bomb. Everyone else was mutated into flesh eating monsters called Zarglons Move with the arrow keys, and turn with th...

A Bad Day In Texas

120 Played0 Comments

Help exterminate abominations within our country, one at a time. Arrow keys to movenLeft Click to shootnPlayer will always look at the mouse

Swag II

123 Played0 Comments

the worlds first swag-em-up or swamp this is my swamp touch2win


181 Played0 Comments

Jogo apenas de teste de algumas funcionalidades do construct 2. Left arrow = go leftnRight arrow = go rightnUp arrow = jumpnMouse = AimnLeft click mouse = Shoot

Boys Items Memory

131 Played0 Comments

oys Items Memory is a skill based fun game. In this game you need to open the cards in an order so that two same card get opened continuously. If you open different cards continuously both cards get closed automatical...

Star Defender

175 Played0 Comments

Defend the planet against an endless alien fleet. [Arrows] [WASD] to move the flagship. Left click to shot. Build lasers or turrets in the facilities.nRecover your flagship health collecting health powerUps or positio...

Aliens Get Out!

172 Played0 Comments

The aliens have invaded our planet, a space squad is ready to defend our positions, shoot your bazooka make them fly through the air and do not let one standing

Grace Invaders

163 Played0 Comments

Grace is coming for your cream cheese. Keep calling her "Gracey" to thwart her plans. Like actually shoot the words at her... through a machine gun. Version 1. [A] to move leftn[D] to move rightn[Space] to shootn[Left...

Parabirds HD

110 Played0 Comments

Parabirds HD is a defense game. The birds are attacking the Beavers! Flying above, they're bombarding you with their elite paratroopers! Get on board the Beaver Cannon and shoot down your aggressors before they drop t...

Diamonds Shooting

155 Played0 Comments

Precious diamonds are ready to be collected. Guide sword to reach the diamonds so that they can be collected. Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to select the angle and release the mouse button to ha...

Damned Nation

153 Played0 Comments

ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES! They are everywhere! Shoot the zombies before they kill everyone you love! You're trapped in a compound surrounded by the undead creatures with only one chance of escape, a helicopter rid...

Face Invaders

160 Played0 Comments

Evil faces are invading, and it's your duty to stop them. Grab your lazer, get your spaceship, and start killing some faces! Press [Space] to shoot and [Arrow Keys] to move.


110 Played0 Comments

GIV 2014 Class #1 [Arrows] = Moven[Mouse] = Aimn[Left Click] = Shoot

Astro Junk

146 Played0 Comments

Jumper platform, collect junk and avoid meteors [A] - Leftn[D] - Rightn[S] - Shieldn[Spacebar] - Jetpack


178 Played0 Comments

During a regular patrol in the Sector 3M14 asteroid belt, you are suddenly ensnared by an enemy void. All communication and navigation controls have been rendered useless. With only your manual turret still available,...

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