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Claws & Feathers

119 Played0 Comments

Get ready for the fur to fly in this wild and crazy matching game! nnA flock of birds is out for revenge after a gang of cats steals their eggs! Match clusters of birds to clear a path to the hatchlings and reclaim wh...

Citadel Arcanes

167 Played0 Comments

Mix, connect, and construct your very own Citadel in Citadel Arcanes! Save your father by restoring the the Healer’s Circle! As the Duke’s daughter, you are learning the Arcanes of Magic and working on becoming the gr...

Cindy’s Travels: Flooded Kingdom

140 Played0 Comments

A massive flood of junk has inundated Cindy’s magical world, and she needs your help to save the Flooded Kingdom! Cindy has found the Miracle Mirror in the castle, and will travel throughout the land using this myster...

Chuzzle: Christmas Edition

157 Played0 Comments

Meet the Chuzzles: happy, lovable, furballs whose greatest joy in world is being snuggled up together. These little guys always huddle in a group, and they need your help to sort themselves out. Slide rows of Chuzzle...

Chocolate Shop Frenzy

110 Played0 Comments

Are you ready to become a chocoholic? Get ready for the fast-paced life of the chocolate business, and help Emma achieve her life long dream to become a chocolate shop owner. Emma just quit her marketing job and she n...

Burger Battle

132 Played0 Comments

Help our hero save the princess from King Burger! Defeat your opponent by stuffing them full of your homemade burgers! Cook up delicious hamburgers in this fast-paced Match 3 game, and make your opponents too full to ...

BumbleBee Jewel

134 Played0 Comments

Help Benny the bumblebee and his friends as they search for the lost colors of their magical island! Break a spell placed by the evil wizard Graycoat, and save the islanders in BumbleBee Jewel, a fun and exciting Matc...

Atlantis: Pearls of the Deep

163 Played0 Comments

Atlantis, once a prosperous island nation, is now an undersea kingdom. Now, the people of Atlantis face impending doom once again as the shield that allows them to live underwater falls dangerously low on power! The b...

Another Case Solved

155 Played0 Comments

Detective Puzzle Game of Prohibited Candies!nnnBecome a famous detective and get to the bottom of a curious candy conspiracy in Another Case Solved!nnnnStart your detective work with: nSUGAR-COATED CRIME SCENES!nCUSTO...

Alice and the Magic Gardens

131 Played0 Comments

Free the world of fairies from the grip of a dark magic in Alice and the Magic Gardens, a fun Match 3 game! Slide colored lockers into place to reveal the delicious fruits inside and then match identical fruits to ear...

7 Wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover

126 Played0 Comments

Construct exciting new wonders with the help of advanced alien technology in 7 wonders: Ancient Alien Makeover! Match 3 your way to success as you build-up your arsenal of power-ups and gain the resources to construct...

X-Match 3

143 Played0 Comments

Match the ornaments!

World Voyage

150 Played0 Comments

Whether you travel a lot or just dream of traveling, World Voyage is a perfect game for you! This game will become your traveling encyclopedia, guiding you in a fascinating virtual tour around the world. Enjoy the cha...

Woodville Chronicles

151 Played0 Comments

Build your own beautiful town in Woodville Chronicles, a fun and fantastic Match 3 game! Collect resources and build your city from the ground up! Complete challenging levels and unravel the secret of your town. Work ...

We are the Robots

142 Played0 Comments

Help out the Robots in this fun Puzzle game! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnHelp out the Robots!nn

Underwater Claymatch

246 Played0 Comments

Fight underwater!

Twist Bang

160 Played0 Comments

Match 3 or more to win!

Tropical Gems

146 Played0 Comments

Take on the Tropical Gems in this fantastic Puzzle game! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnTake on the Tropical Gems!nn

Tri Jewelled

108 Played0 Comments

Test your Match 3 skills!

Treasures of Sunk Ships

126 Played0 Comments

Collect sunken treasures in this fun Match 3 game!

Travel to China

107 Played0 Comments

Match the tiles!

Tiny Fish Factory

161 Played0 Comments

Match colorful fish and clear a path!

Summer Jewels

147 Played0 Comments

Collect all the jewels!

Stones of Rome

178 Played0 Comments

Curious James wanders away from his tour group as they explore the catacombs below Rome. At first, it seems like he’s on his own special adventure, but then he realizes that he’s lost and alone. Just when his detour c...

Steam Z Reactor

124 Played0 Comments

Charge your brain and match the gems!

Star Magic

166 Played0 Comments

Match the stars!

Smiley Puzzle: Girl Edition

184 Played0 Comments

Here's one online game that's all smiles. In Smiley Puzzle Girl Edition, you must slide the cute girl smileys to match 3 or more of the same color. Use the mouse to slide rows or columns. Release your mouse when a gro...

Smiley Puzzle

142 Played0 Comments

Slide the columns and rows of smiley faces in this challenging puzzle game! Score points by matching groups of three or more! Race against the clock in challenge mode or chase your own high scores by executing endless...

Shape Matcher

121 Played0 Comments

Swap and match shapes!


132 Played0 Comments

Dive into Ramayana and master it's tricky Match 3 gameplay! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnDive into Ramayana!nn

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