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Sporty Smurf Dress Up

39 Played0 Comments

Sporty Smurf is getting ready for the big game, help him pick out his clothes. Dress Sporty Smurf up! Use your mouse to Dress up Sporty Smurf.

Worm Heroes

58 Played0 Comments

Help out these Worm Heroes by collecting delicious apples and avoiding the deadly piranhas! Plot your courses carefully to collect the fruit and make it to the water! nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnCollect the a...

Longcat Journey

76 Played0 Comments

Chase the fishy rewards through a cartoon world of platform obstacles, growing with every bite, in the cutest and weirdest cat game on the web.

Grand Prix Go

58 Played0 Comments

Fast paced isometric racing game.nRace round 12 unique tracks against nine other cars, unlocking 72 achievements as you go.nUse advanced car physics and upgrade your car as you battle your way through the different ra...

Heart Fly

75 Played0 Comments

Grab the stars and careful not to touch the sun, and does not fall on the thorns, have fun getting the best scores Use Arrows to play

Princess Tale

52 Played0 Comments

Hear the Princess Tale! nFun gameplaynExciting actionnHear the Princess Tale!nn

Big Rig Parking

47 Played0 Comments

Jump into your Big Rig Truck on your first day at the construction site and drive your way to the parking spot at the end of each level. Crash and you will be fired and need to start all over again. Use your skill to ...

Hot Dish

44 Played0 Comments

Go on a culinary adventure like no other in this gastric-busting Time Management game! Build your career one dish at a time as you start at the bottom of the culinary ladder as a line cook in a local Italian restauran...

World on Fire

43 Played0 Comments

Put out the dangerous fires all over the world! Purchase powerful upgrades to become stronger than ever in World on Fire! Earn powerups as you progress through this fun and exciting Match game. nGripping gameplaynIn...

Tricky Trains Escape

69 Played0 Comments

Solve a baffling locomotive brain teaser!

Big Kahuna Reef

48 Played0 Comments

Explore the deep blue in this exciting matching game. Break open boxes to release sea life into the wild blue by matching lining up three or more creatures on the board. Discover new sea life and build your own tropic...

Coffee Bar

24 Played0 Comments

Serve up some hot coffee!

Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 Me

53 Played0 Comments

Peeking Town`s got Election Day fever! Join world-renowned mystery writer Miss Terri Tale as she “polls” her neighbors in true Peeking Town fashion. Snoop around town gathering information on everyone`s voting habits ...

Sweety Mahjong

37 Played0 Comments

Sweety Mahjong is an HTML5 mahjong game. Enjoy this coloroued mahjong game with sweety symbols!

The Proposal

33 Played0 Comments

Help Josh propose to his girlfriend!

Madpet Volleybomb

33 Played0 Comments

Funny volleyball game, where you play with a bomb instead with a balln You have 3 tries to get the bomb to the opponent’s side.nYou get 1 point for every hit and 3 points if the bombnexplodes on the opponentR...

Gemollection Players Pack

56 Played0 Comments

Cut chains and use interactive objects to collect jewels!

Flip Words

78 Played0 Comments

To beat this addictive puzzler, you'll need to exercise your mental muscles! Start with the first letter of a familiar phrase, then fill in the missing letters. Once you recognize the phrase, you can submit your guess...

Stargate 2

37 Played0 Comments

You are trapped in some secret alien base. Activate the space portal to escape before someone do experiments on you!

Age of Adventure: Playing the Hero

47 Played0 Comments

Travel back in time to an age of not only chivalry and heroes, but also deceit and no-good, dirty backstabbers in this deliriously fun time management romp! Capturing a traitor, restoring a kingdom and falling in love...

Funny World: Underwater

71 Played0 Comments

Use special abilities to clear underwater tiles!

Starcraft Mystery

74 Played0 Comments

You’re a craft member where trapped in a crashed spaceship, you need to find all the secrets and mysterious items to unlock the clues. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve the mystery. Good Luck & ...

Catch the Shapes

74 Played0 Comments

Catch the requested shapes with the basket. Press the arrow buttons to move it left or right.

Dragon Rescue

56 Played0 Comments

Save the last dragon from the evil E.I.S. Corporation and fight their army of machines to survive.nThis is a top-view shooter featuring different characters, multiple levels, vicious bosses and weapon upgrades.nIF YOU...

Tina – Detective

49 Played0 Comments

Help private detective Tina solve a top secret case in this cool girl game!

Dino Evolution

54 Played0 Comments

Beat your opponent in Dino Evolution by playing the best cards and defeating their dinosaurs! Master all three decks and beat all 3 stages to become the best player in the world! nUnique gameplaynAwesome beastsnExper...

Aliens Get Out!

79 Played0 Comments

The aliens have invaded our planet, a space squad is ready to defend our positions, shoot your bazooka make them fly through the air and do not let one standing

Cradle of Egypt

41 Played0 Comments

Explore the lands of the Pharaohs and the Cradle of Egypt! Enjoy the miraculous constructions in this awesome Match 3 game! Journey through five ancient epochs and build your own Egypt. Starting from a small village...

Wigman Big Run

35 Played0 Comments

Run, jump, fly, eat food, gain weight and crush everything on your path.nTravel through the world to find a biggest fridge. Here you can find many upgrades , bonuses and FUN!n press spacebar or click anywhere to fly...

Pick Crafter

61 Played0 Comments

Pick Crafter combines the look and feel of the beloved game Minecraft with the highly addictive gameplay of a Cookie Clicker style game. With every click you do not only gain some points and harvest the grass, mud and...

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