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Ball-Buster Collection

161 Played0 Comments

Enjoy classic gameplay, amazing 3D graphics and surprising bonuses in Ball-Buster Collection! Catch, bounce and bust balls through complex 3D constructions in 4 eye-popping worlds: Stone Age, Ancient Greece, Candy Wor...

Chimeras: Tune of Revenge Collector’s Edition

96 Played0 Comments

During a celebration, a mysterious organ grinder appears, selling fortune cards for a penny. When the first victim falls prey to a mysterious beast, you rush to discover who this organ grinder is and what he wants. He...

Casual Dress Fashion

198 Played0 Comments

Buy cool outfits and complete photo sessions with a professional fashion photographer to become the next top model!

Crazy Squirrel

170 Played0 Comments

Tame the Crazy Squirrel and help him collect some nuts! nFast-paced gameplaynIntense actionnTame the Crazy Squirrel!nn

Snake Escape

220 Played0 Comments

A snake is locked in a room, with foods and coins. It must eat the foods to keep survive, but it's also getting bigger, every time it ate its food. That could be a big issue because the snake would hardly move around....

Call of Atlantis: Treasures of Poseidon

148 Played0 Comments

The legendary adventure is back! The power of Poseidon's treasures beckons you to return to Atlantis once again. It now falls to you to find and collect all the lost treasures! Set out on an exciting new quest in this...

Paddle Smash

163 Played0 Comments

Need a dose of game nostalgia? Play Paddle Smash! With its pixel graphics and bright colors, this online brick buster game pays tribute to the old school games of yesterday. Use the arrow keys to control the paddle an...

Chronicles of Mystery: Secret of the Lost Kingdom

142 Played0 Comments

Help Chelsea Connor unlock a mysterious vault and uncover the truth behind her father’s mysterious death, 20 years ago! Track down the only key in the world that can open the vault using an ancient and powerful neckla...

Art Critic Secret

141 Played0 Comments

Discover the Art Critic Secret!


459 Played0 Comments


Sacra Terra: Angelic Night

152 Played0 Comments

The demons of the Seven Deadly Sins have broken free of their fiery prison and taken up residence in Sacra Terra! Use your cunning to defeat each demon and rescue humanity from destruction! As you explore a decaying...


141 Played0 Comments

Megamin alpha version This game is still in development

Emily’s Hopes and Fears

167 Played0 Comments

Join Emily and Patrick in this challenging time-management game to save their daughter's life!

Mountain Climber

152 Played0 Comments

This game is an infininte continuous jumper styled game. The aim of the game is to score the most amount of points. This is done by jumping on the platforms and avoiding boulders. You can collect coins and stars for e...

Arcadia REMIX

171 Played0 Comments

Get ready for a retro romp thatll have you dodging aliens and jumping bottomless pits like it was 1982. In Arcade REMIX, youll travel through an arcade wonderland and try to unlock 16 mini-games by dominating the hig...

Big City Adventure: Vancouver Collector’s Edition

137 Played0 Comments

Gain early access to Big City Adventure: Vancouver in this Collector's Edition special release. As a bonus, Collector's Editions purchases counts toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!nnUse your H...

Dream Symphony

149 Played0 Comments

It’s a music game with 30 types of animals, 4 completely different locations, a lot of sounds and 4 epic ingame tracks. Game change a color and music while you playing. Check it!nOST:

Crystal Fairy

222 Played0 Comments

Collect the images of the animals to grow magical creatures. Move the image parts down by matching 3 or more in a row. Get special bonusses by matching the same color twice in a row.

Jane’s Kitchen

146 Played0 Comments

Help Jane sort out the fruit in the kitchen!


130 Played0 Comments

First version of darkness shooter arrow keys to move.

Xmas Stars

144 Played0 Comments

Catch the Xmas Stars in as few tries as you can! nFast-paced gameplaynExciting actionnCatch the Xmas Stars!nn

Match 3 Arena

133 Played0 Comments

Make matches in this match 3 game by swapping the blocks by clicking one blocks and then clicking other blocks that is next to it horizontally or vertically. A match consists of a row or column of at least 3 of the s...

TNT Zombies

119 Played0 Comments

Destroy the Zombies!

Indi Cannon – Players Pack

126 Played0 Comments

Fearless adventurer Indi is once again hunting for treasures in this sequel to the fun physics puzzle! Explore the mysterious island and shoot ragdoll clones from your powerful cannon to collect all golden coins!

Pumpkin Shot

103 Played0 Comments

Take aim at the orange pumpkins!

Mini Table Soccer

155 Played0 Comments

Mini Table Soccer - Fun flash sport mini football game. I hope you like football like i do. In this game you need to score 3 goals to win the game. Control your players with UP and DOWN arrow. When ball comes close to...

Crow Hunter

115 Played0 Comments

Defend your crop from the crows!

Metal Animals

91 Played0 Comments

Metal Animals to the rescue! Control a team of cute and furry animals with weapons, and defend the tank from the enemy invasion. Stop the evil animals from destroying your tank!

Angela Young

200 Played0 Comments

Angela Young and her cat Felix have been drawn into the realm of dreams where the Lord of Nightmares seeks to corrupt everyone`s dreamscape and bring chaos to the world. But when Felix gets separated, Angela is left a...

Sun Charms

131 Played0 Comments

Connect at least three sleeping fluffy balls of the same color to wake them up and fill the meter in Sun Charms, one of the best free online games at SOFTGAMES. In each level you are given only a certain number of mov...

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